About DnB.Ninja!

It’s all about Drum and Bass (and Breaks…….oh and House)

MrKrotos is London born’n’bred, he was brought up on a staple diet of Underground Hardcore, Jungle, Breaks and Funky House music through the early 90s.

Studying at high calibre establishments including Seduction (Lydo, Margate), Vivid & AWOL (Paradise Club, Islington), Innersense (Lazerdrome, Peckham), Cable (London Bridge), Fabric, Matter, The End and Leisure Lounge (London) the young dnb ninja soon had the urge to spin on the ones and twos himself.

Arming himself with the classic 1210 weaponry he embarked on the mission of learning how to mix, his tools were obtained from leading plastic specialists like Black Market Records, Unity Records, Bluebird, Elpees as well as other London and Kent outfits.

A few years past and the young ninja managed to master the basic skills, honing them at friend’s parties and small bars/clubs.

With the dawn of “The Interwebs” MrKrotos soon found himself playing on the information super highways, sharing his beats & basslines with the world.

The Ninja is now fully engaged in combat mode and can be found on mixset.co.uk